EARTH | The Root of Quantum Human Potential
For the healers, coaches, ambitious leaders who can't afford to burnt out, who want unlimited energy, a body that can hold their big mission!
Restore Your Nervous System and Adrenals and have more energy now!
EARTH | Activating The Root for Quantum Human Potential
Restore Your Nervous System and Adrenals and have more energy now!
Anchor a Strong and Resilient Nervous System
9 Key Biohacking Activations to Proactively and Reactively Regulate the Nervous System for More Resilience, Tolerance To Stress and Energetic Capacity
Reprogram Pathways and Programs for Ease and Grace
Your Step By Step Guide Restoring Your Nervous System, Balancing Adrenaline and Cortisol, Activating Your Energetic Root Potential Through Natural and Holistic Techniques. Plus Systems to Create Foundations for Business and Life
Align With Your Authentic Energy to Create more Impact Doing Less
Explore Your Own Personal RoadMap For Success in Health, Body, Business and Life With Lifetime Access to Exisiting Content and Future Content of Activating the Root.
Restore Your Nervous System and Adrenals and have more energy now!
Here’s What You’ll Get When You Join the 'Earth: Activating The Root For Quantum Human Potential'

Earth: Root | Nervous System | Adrenals | Masculine | Foundations

Understand why your adrenals and nervous system is tired, what is causing challenges in health, your body, business and life and the exact roadmap back to a nervous system that can hold big energy and a big mission so you can enjoy life and your purpose to the fullest.

Nervous System Regulation | Polyvagal

Dive deep into the different elements of the brain and nervous system, what responds when and why and how to reclaim control over your body and life. Enjoy 9 simple activations to restore your nervous system instantly and also create a more resilient body long term.

Hormones Rebalanced - Adrenaline | Cortisol

Understand the symptoms of adrenaline and cortisol hormone imbalance, why it happens, how to restore balance so you can have energy all day and a body that is fit and healthy.

Human Design Root Centre - Maximising your Root Human Design Potential

Understanding your root center in human design and how to optimise your energy authenticity and avoid burnout

Earth Activation - Shamanic Tribal Earth Activation and Earthing Frequencies

Earth elemental activation

Activating Leadership - Structure, Pricing, Container, Offers, Automation

Understanding what the root is and needs. Why we start here, how it shows up in business and life. How to create strong foundations in business and life to build off. Refine business and life structures, rituals, systems, automation.
Restore Your Nervous System and Adrenals and have more energy now!



Restore Your Nervous System and Adrenals and have more energy now!
3 Weeks Activations, 1 Week Integration
WEEK 1: Activate and Restore.
Focus on the adrenals, hormones adrenaline and cortisol balancing these and restoring the adrenals we also look at the nervous system, understanding how to strengthen our resilience to we are strong under stress/triggers. There’s 9 activations we will explore.
WEEK 2: Align and Shine
Looking at your unique human design in the root centre, how you are influenced by pressure and how to optimise your design. We will also look at your body, business and life, what support you have set up and create systems and structures so you can feel held and soften more into creative life force feminine flow.
WEEK 3: Ground and Protect
Connecting with the earth, and grounding as a foundation and creating safety so you feel safe to be in the feminine.
WEEK 4: Light and Free
Integrate with ongoing rituals and habits that continue to support the body and life so you feel confident to step out and shine bright.
Lifetime Access
Practical application, exercises, biohacking rituals and practices so you don’t just learn you embody the new earth frequencies in your nervous system, body, business and life.
Enjoy the support of coaching and community to inspire you as you embody change and feel confident stepping forward with your new self, new habits, new body and new life.
Lifetime access to modules, videos, workbooks including new updates, so you can take your time implementing and integrating you new rituals and body upgrades.
What People Say
“I love how Natalee can simplify some of the most complex systems of the body through clever analogies and story telling. She cuts through confusing fat loss hype & empowers women with knowledge and practical strategies they can apply immediately.”

Natalee is a Quantum Healer and Energy Alchemist who awakens untapped potential through unique processes of clearing and activating the energy body to access the souls purpose, opening up more time, energy, flow to live a life of purpose, light and free.
An original Biohacker and Energy Alchemist, Ex athlete, Personal Trainer, Nutritional Therapist and Metabolism specialist, Natalee has cultivated years of theoretical and embodied wisdom to activate inspiring men and women into the next level of themselves. As well as her transmissions of Light Language, Angelic Harmonies, Sound and Quantum Healing, Natalee works with the Chakra's, Quantum Human Design and the Metabolism to personalise and optimise energy for your unique energy blueprint.
A published writer, inspirational speaker, performer, coach and quantum sound and energy healer, Natalee has activated hundreds of people through her transmissions, events, courses, books, meditations and coaching.
Natalee has studied breathwork, qi-gong, sound therapy, positive psychology specialising in leadership, quantum human design, nutritional therapy, personal training and metabolism optimisation while also immersing herself in many ancient and modern practices to alchemise the soul and body for full super human potential.
Natalee is passionate about inspiring and activating ambitious change makers to clear the old, align with their unique personal frequency, ignite the full fire energy within so they have all the time and energy in the world to passionately deliver their powerful purpose on earth with ease and grace.
Restore Your Nervous System and Adrenals and have more energy now!