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Metabolism and Hormone Balance for 20x More Energy and Easy Weightloss without Exercise or Cutting Calories! This 90 minute event is for women who have already tried everything! Women who are reasonably healthy, but…

❌ weight still sticks around the tummy despite exercise

❌ energy crashes either after food or when you stop being ‘on the go’ or wake up tired

❌ a wave of energy at night, feel wired or have trouble falling asleep

❌ have tried all the diets and some work in the short term but nothing sustains and

deep down you know there is an answer to all the symptoms,

❌ even the bloating/IBS, skin conditions, anxiety and fatigue…..

In this 90min event you learn how to:

⚡ Unlock 20x more energy – even if you have energy crashes or auto-immune condition

⚡ Lose excess fat easily – without exercise or cutting calories

⚡ Supercharge your brain – even if you have ‘baby brain’ or brain fog
⚡ Reboot your metabolism – to access 20x more energy even if you are getting older or feeling sluggish
⚡ Balance your hormones for a faster metabolism more feminine flow even if you have PMS, Menopause – in fact especially if you do!

I will also show you why dieting, products and surgery has damaged your hormones and metabolism, why its now harder to lose weight, exercise is not helping in the long run and how you can put 3 simple steps into place to restore balance, harmony, energy and flow in your body again.

We are going to dive into the actual biochemistry of your fat cells, your hormones and how you can take simple steps to change their behaviour without starving yourself, working out hard, or giving up.

Included in your ticket 

90 minutes of life changing, activations, wisdom and connections.

Natalee has taken over 100 women through her life changing metabolic reset program, balancing 10 key hormones, reprogramming neural pathways, clearing emotional eating and self sabotage, using psychology, biohacking and metabolic strategies that get results working smarter rather than harder helping women lose 10kg in 12 weeks without exercise, even after they have tried everything (even surgery). Natalee has an extremely holistic but targeted approach that focuses on the root cause of imbalance in hormones and metabolic functioning. No products, just pure personalised strategy that is also supportive of both vegetarian, diary and gluten free lifestyles.

Natalee has also helped thousands of women through her 7 Day Fasttrack Metabolism Bio-hack challenge, giving life and purpose to many women who had given up with their body and health and empowering them to reclaim their energy, their ideal weight, brain clarity, skin and so much more!

Natalee has not run this event in 10 years and the last one sold out, released more tickets and sold out again. One not to be missed if you are ready to get your body functioning optimally again.


About Natalee Neill
Natalee is an original biohacker and Energy Alchemist, ex athlete, personal trainer, nutritional therapist and metabolism specialist she cultivates years of theoretical and embodied wisdom to activate inspiring women into the next level of themselves. Natalee has also studied the metabolism, level two quantum human design, level two breath-work, sound therapy, life coaching specialising in workplace and executive coaching and cacao ceremony facilitation to deliver a wholesome and integrated event that is like no other.

Natalee awakens light codes and energy through unique processes of clearing and activating the subtle bodies to access 20x more energy and live a life that is light and free. As well as her transmissions of Light Language, Angelic Harmonies and Quantum Healing, Natalee works with the Chakra’s, Quantum Human Design and the Metabolism to personalise and optimise energy for your unique energy blueprint.

A published writer, inspirational speaker, performer, coach and quantum healer, Natalee has activated hundreds of women through her transmissions, events, courses, books, meditations and coaching.

Natalee is passionate about inspiring and activating ambitious change makers to clear the old, align with their unique personal frequency, ignite the full fire energy within and passionately pursue their mission as an unstoppable ripple of change in a world that needs light-workers to shine their brightest.


“I love how Natalee can simplify some of the most complex systems of the body through clever analogies and story telling. She cuts through confusing fat loss hype & empowers women with knowledge and practical strategies they can apply immediately.”
Meghan Hinchey

“Well where do I start! I can honestly say that Nat’s metabolic restart has changed my life.
I have built a relationship with my body that I had been looking for my entire life. Not only did I shift 13kg over the 13kg weeks, and have continued to shed weight with ease since the last program, but my whole belief system around how to lose weight/have control of my body has completely changed.
My hormones are regulated! Amazing!
I have zero emotional eating habits!
No more self sabotage!
I am not deprived or starving!
My fear of ‘not having a life’ or ‘missing out’ while being on a ‘diet’ has gone out the window!
I trust my body and the process!
I have thrown out old paradigms of ‘how to lose weight ‘ that no longer worked and I would find deeply frustrating, and adopted relatively simple changes that have seriously changed the game for me!
It still suprises me that over the years my body and I have had such a constant disagreement about most things and now, we are in flow! Together!
I am so incredibly grateful to Nat for her knowledge, support and grace throughout the program. I am now 18kg down, with so many more internal changes that this is truly the most holistic program I have ever done. I am so excited to join the program again on the 15th Feb, cementing everything within me that has awakened and flourished.”


“This time last year I was at my heaviest ever.. I was unhealthy..I was unfit..I was emotionally eating all the time..I was Completely addicted to sugar..And I wasn’t happy..That was when I was introduced to the beautiful Natalee who has such a unique and holistic way of supporting women to understand their health, hormones, emotions and metabolism at a whole new level Through detoxing the body and mind of old programs, by understanding the science of why the ‘diets’ never worked long term, healing my body and reconnecting with my soul in the last 12 months..-=
I have lost 25kg..
– I have improved my relationship with food.
– I am more in tune with my body..
– I can even smile at myself when I look in the mirror”



“13 weeks ago I decided to invest in myself and commit to a program with Nat to reset my metabolism, dive deep into the emotional reasons behind why I made the choices I was making around food, learn how to balance hormones and become a fat burning machine  increase energy, cognitive function and essentially biohack my body in a different way.

It was one of the most empowering decisions I have made. Not only did I take back control over what I was putting in my mouth, get my confidence back, regain my energy, reset my metabolism, loose 10kg but I learnt my triggers and why I was turning to food to mask my emotions. This is profound and something I know a lot of people struggle with…..

For anyone else that is where I was 13 weeks ago…sad, lacking confidence, wanting to hide away, addicted to foods that were poison to my body, tired and feeling hopeless…I promise you there is hope…..

Sometimes you just need the right people to come into your life and give you direction and support. From the bottom of my heart thank you Nat! You are an amazing person on so many levels”

Katrina Allen

“I wanted to share with you all the experience I had doing the 13-week metabolic reset with Natalee Neill.
When I started the programme I had very severe adrenal fatigue and a host of other hormone problems plus chronic inflammation.
Nat was a wealth of knowledge, and the online pace was really easy and simple to follow, even with my brain fog
Any stumble I had, Nat had suggestions and gentle guidance that helped me to tweak my health practices and lifestyle as I went, making the learning curve much gentler while getting fast results.
By the end of the programme, I had lost 15kg of excess weight, my menstrual cycle had regulated from anywhere between 45-60 days with a long and heavy flow, to a regular 32-day cycle that is very light and pain-free.
The best part was that after finishing my husband told me I reminded him of the girl he met when we were 18 ”

Shannon Ingram


“I didn’t do this metabolic/hormone reset for weight loss like most people! My journey and struggle with hormones have been long term and I was over it.

But holy heck, I now know exactly what to do to re-set them, put them back into balance, not have adrenals wired and fired all the time and to KNOW exactly how to shift the body into conscious awareness of what it needs and wants in any given time (learning to listen to your body correctly is key)

…My gosh , I now just want to shout what I know from the roof tops, to the world!!!!! We ALL should have been educated on this stuff generations ago.

The level of support and guidance from the very knowledable and stunning Natalee has blown my mind – we learned weekly through coaching calls, video modules, worksheets and tapping into our own belief systems. What were my outcomes:

Better results at the gym than any other 8week challenge I’ve done (more muscle gain, more fat loss)

– Clearer direction in the lifestyle I truly want to live in regards to how I want to activate and biohack my body for long term epic health 

– New and yummy flavours of foods and recipes that blow my mind (they taste amazing so how are they so dang good)

– Massive awareness around our bodies overall hormones and what ones drive fat burning, fat loss, stress, calmness and food choices

– More posture and belief in myself that the journey im on is exactly the one I’m meant to be on (let me teach you all that I know)

– Learned what TRUE fat adaption is compared to mainstream “keto” bullshit”

Janelle Emma

“This program will literally change your life! I started this program very worried it would all end badly and that I would still feel as though each day was a physical battle and that my weight would continue to climb. Over the weeks my health has steadily improved and my weight has dropped to the lowest in years. There have been hurdles along the way but Nat is super supportive and this program is unique. The support group is great for sharing everything from recipes to finding resilience and understanding. I am so happy I took the first step to changing my life.”

Laura Watson


This is an excellent program…..the amount of relevant information and the excellent support you get from Natalee will help you smash through barriers you might not have even realised you had.
You’ll finally be able to enjoy healthy eating, lose weight, maintain a healthy lifestyle and feel happier and calmer than before.

Linda Miller

“You will never regret doing this program! I think we as mothers feel guilty ……What we create is a new woman who is empowered not only within herself, but can then go on to role model healthy behaviours and ideas to the children we are raising.”

Leeann Hudson

“I started on my journey 6 weeks ago and for the first time in a long time I am seeing amazing results. So much help and support whenever I need it. Why didn’t I do this sooner”
Karen Sherry