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Chakra Voice Activations And Light Language for light bringers ready to activate their voice, build confidence and strengthen their message and mission in the world.
 Activate your voice so you feel clear and confident to be seen and heard
 Connect with your own unique frequency and message so your voice stands out in a crowd.
 Harmonise with crystals, the elements and energy centres to centre and amplify your energy and sound
 Build confidence and authenticity and create beautiful music with your soul tribe.
“Natalee holds phenomenal space I was able to connect so deeply so quickly within myself to the most amazing realms. The frequencies and energies were a whole other level and so much shifting, clearing and activating was taking place. With Natalee’s support I was able to clear some very old blockages from my throat and heart chakras. I felt so much clearer and stronger within myself.
I am so grateful that I decided to join Natalee’s support circle last week. What a powerful, beautiful, pure space. Thank you Natalee”
Vanessa Rutherford
This circle is to activate your authentic voice, particularly connected with the frequency of crystal singing bowls and your unique voice and message in this world as well as receiving singing light language sound healing. A weekly circle for you to feel empowered, activated in your voice and receive DNA and soul remembrance as well as increasing courage and confidence to shine your brightest ✨
We will start with C, and the themes of earth, the root chakra, harmonies, voice activation and expression of your unique voice in the world then move through different notes, energy centres, elements and expression each week so you grow in foundations and confidence each week.
“Nat” Today was legit one if the best days I’ve had since I was born such a magical thing to finally understand and see where you have come from and to finally feel safe and happy within myself I feel so Free to finally 100% love and trust who I am. For the first time since I have been alive I don’t feel lost.”
We will end each session with receiving energy healing, singing light language sound healing so you feel blissed out, empowered and aligned with purpose when you leave and leave space for connection and networking.
There will be 8 events in this first series, 7 notes/themes/elements and chakras and one integration. You are most welcome to come to one, or to all! We have space for 12 at each event 
11th July
18th July
(Break 25th July)
1st Aug
8th Aug
15th Aug
(Break 22nd Aug)
29th Aug
5th Sept
12 Sept
“Nat herself, is a gifted beautiful soul with the voice of an angel as she intuitively guides you on a journey with meditation, sound, energy and light language transmissions instinctively knowing what each participant needs. A truly healing experience. Thank you.”
Rough Outline for the Day
⚡ 10 am Welcome connection to personal and group intention and alchemy
⚡ 1015 am Introduction to weekly note, chakra, element, theme and crystal bowl
⚡ 1030 am Voice activations, rituals and exercises to awaken your authentic voice for the current themes
⚡ 1130 am Singing Light Language Sound Healing
⚡ 1215 Close and anchoring new frequencies and codes
⚡ 1230 pm Shared lunch, connection and networking
⚡ 1pm Event finishes
Each week we will progress through the notes, energy centres and elements so this series is designed to build upon each other. You will open up each energy centre and connect with the energy and voice opening up your full channel so you message is free to flow into this world!
Week 1: Note C: Earth: Root | Nervous System | Adrenals | Masculine | Foundations | Shamanic Tribal Earth Activation and Earthing Frequencies
Week 2: Note D: Water: Sacral Chakra | Feminine Energetics | Hormones | Life-Force Energy | Feminine | Creativity | Flow
Week 3: Note E: Fire: Solar Plexus | Reclaiming Power | Confidence | Masculine Action
Week 4: Note F: Air: Heart | Breathe | 5D Living | Joy | Purpose and Passion
Week 5: Note G: Sound: Throat Chakra | Voice | Authenticity | Message
Week 6: Note A: Light: Third Eye Chakra | Quantum visioning | Quantum Leap
Week 7: Note B: Spirit: Crown Chakra | Spirit Embodied Quantum
Week 8: Integration of all notes, all elements, fully open energy centres and channelling full expression of self. No fear.
 $45 adult/class (limited to 12 spaces each class)
 Ticket to all classes $300 (save $60)
Please bring journal and pen, shared lunch, water bottle and yoga mat.
Held at our beautiful property in the middle of Eumundi on a Tuesdays.
“Words really cannot explain the experience I have each time I go to one of Natalee’s energy healing sessions! She is truly an angel sent down for us and her magic that she spreads is truly powerful. Thank you so much for all that you are and that you give, your light shines so bright and we are all so grateful for everything you do. xox”
Magida Ezzat