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Adult dance classes to improve confidence, express yourself and learn choreography to popular songs ready to perform in a flash mob.

Build confidence and resilience to perform anywhere
Explore your creative expression
Have loads of fun learning a choreographed dance to uplifting popular songs
Feel inspired as you step into your most radiant, expressed and confident self

Sunshine Coast Flash Mob Group is looking dancers to learn choreographed dances to your favourite songs, to perform in street, at events, parties or even in your living room.

“Natalee is a beautiful soul and such an amazing dance teacher. After only 2 classes I feel really confident as Natalee makes it so easy by breaking down each move so they all come together smoothly. It feels so good to do something for myself that is fun with like minded people. I forgot how much joy dance brings. I can see Natalee’s vision and i’m so excited to be part of bringing it to life”

Over this 10 week course you will learn dances to popular songs with the outcome being the opportunity to perform your dance in pop up flash mob dances and events.

Even if you have never danced before each class connects you with your authentic energy and groove and takes you on a journey to easily learn fun and creative dances you can perform anywhere.

“I was hesitant because I hadn’t danced for so long, but i’m so happy I joined as I love it so much….Natalee provides a safe a joyful space for us to come and dance. Our group is a diverse bunch of people with all different skill sets and all ages. Some that have always danced and some that have never danced, however everyone fits in, participates and most importantly has fun. Natalee is so accommodating and we can adjust our moves to whatever we can manage with room to grow as we progress.Thank you so much Nat.”

Locations and Times

Weekly During School Term

✨ Tuesdays 6pm-7pm – Dance Art Etc 120 Currie Street Nambour

✨ Fridays 930am-1030 – Dance Art Etc 120 Currie Street Nambour

Course Prices

Early Bird
** $197 for 10 weeks ($19.70/class)

** $180 for 9 weeks ($20/class)

Normal Course Cost
$250 ($25/class)

Casual $30/class

Bring A friend Special
$300 for two – $15/class

No experience needed, Natalee guides you through the movements in a way that feels natural for you so you can explore your inner dancer in a safe and comfortable space.

“First of all, just want to say Thank you Natalee. Thank you for bringing this idea to life. I was a closet dancer. I’ve spent most of my life with anxiety and the last thing I wanted was to be ‘seen’. I’ve tried a few dance classes over the years but none quite fit me or I didn’t fit them…I have always admired dance groups, the energy, the connection and shared experience of creating something beautiful. BUT never thought “I could do it”, and it stayed as a dream I was too scared to pursue. When Natalee put the Flash Mob Dance Group together I was excited and hesitant. Is this for me? I decided to try it… BEST DECISION! What an amazing class, with amazing creative, open hearted, fun loving people. A completely judgement free space. I am hooked, I love it and so excited to see where this takes us.”


Natalee is a choreographer, teacher and ex performance dancer for events in NZ. Her dream is for life to be a musical. No joke. To break out in song and dance in the street!

Regular classes are held weekly during term with retreat’s held for each dance learnt to have some fun and further embody the work as well as making it more accessible for more people to join the group dance.