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We are currently reconfiguring our nervous system,

To hold more energy and light,


Our power lies in our awareness and embodiment,


Our lessons, our integration and embodiment within the nervous system at the moment,

1. Understanding our different states,

Witnessing our flight, our avoidance, our bypass, our escape,

Witnessing our fight, our burnout, our busyness,

Witnessing our freeze, our inability to move, numbing,

2. Learning how to move between states so we are empowered and not driven by our unconscious or other peoples motives and energy,

Nervous system regulation is not about meditating, calming self, it is understanding where you are and what you need to move to the next phase,

Its understanding there is a difference between hyper and hypo arousal,


Is anchoring new frequency codes within the body,

Choosing empowerment is anchoring new earth remembrance within the cells and energy bodies,

New remembering, awakening, calls forth more of your soul to inhabit your body,

Because your body can hold more,

⚡ Nervous System Resilience,

⚡ Nervous System Capacity,

⚡ Higher tolerance

We are activating Earth 🌱

Reconfiguring the nervous system,


The Root Chakra,

Root of Human Design


Systems, Structures, Masculine,