Step 4: Estrogen Progesterone, Sex Hormones, PMS, Menopause and being a Woman

In the 10 min video below find out:

💃 Especially powerful if you struggle with fat around bum/hip/thighs, PMS, menopause, anxiousness, bloating, fluid retention, weight around the bum/thighs, feel funky like the body doesn’t flow
💃 How you can allow your body to flow with ease and grace, embodying your divine feminine essence embodiment, feeling good, healthy without symptoms.
💃 How to optimise the natural flow of these hormones
💃 What happens with menopause and how you can optimise the transition.
 💃 3 steps to balances these hormones, optimise the metabolism, feel good.
💃 Second half of the month is like the waning moon, a great time to Detox as the body releases fluid and toxins from the cells.
💃 Embrace the flow of these hormones to make them work for you