Boost Your Metabolism in 7 Simple Steps - 7 Part Video Series

How to 20x your energy, supercharge your brain, reboot your metabolism, balance your hormones and activate your SuperWomen.

Even While You Sleep

Step 1: Boost Your Metabolism

In the 10 min video below find out:

Why your energy fluctuates, you can’t lose weight even though you exercise, your hormones are out of balance, you get hungry or brain fog if you don’t eat.
Wake up 95% of metabolism that is usually asleep and unlock at least 20x more energy
Make fat fall off without exercise
Long term – make anti-inflammatory particles, activate anti-oxidants, stem cell, neurons, reverse aging, brain healing, cellular repair and removing old damaged cells,
How does your metabolism actually work, how do you speed it up and slow it down, what do you feed it
How do calories actually work and how do you speed it up and slow it down, what do you feed it

Step 2: Unlock Your Cells

In the 10 min video below find out:

The biochemical gatekeeper to your cells
The hormone that stores fat around your tummy. If you are in your 40’s-50’s you are becoming more resistant which is why the fat is started to show up on your tummy! Reducing this hormone through the methods in the video will reclaim your tummy as you get older, yes it can be done!
How to unlock your metabolism
How to decrease fat storing hormones and how you can eat sugar and still optimise your metabolism 
Making fat metabolism a flowing lifestyle rather than black or white on the wagon off the wagon.

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Step 3: Beat self-sabotage with vibrational programming and quantum physics

In the 10 min video below find out:

Amazing strategy if you can’t stick to anything, self-sabotage, loose motivation and then beat yourself up.
You will program cells, neural pathways, vibration to hold new programs so your health, weight, life comes with ease, lasting motivation and you feel in control again.
Explore Newtonian and quantum realities to reclaim your power.
Collapse timelines to alter your reality.

Step 4: Estrogen Progesterone, Sex Hormones, PMS, Menopause and being a Woman

In the 10 min video below find out:

Especially powerful if you struggle with fat around bum/hip/thighs, PMS, menopause, anxiousness, bloating, fluid retention, weight around the bum/thighs, feel funky like the body doesn’t flow
How you can allow your body to flow with ease and grace, embodying your divine feminine essence embodiment, feeling good, healthy without symptoms.
How to optimise the natural flow of these hormones
What happens with menopause and how you can optimise the transition.
3 steps to balances these hormones, optimise the metabolism, feel good.
Second half of the month is like the waning moon, a great time to Detox as the body releases fluid and toxins from the cells.
Embrace the flow of these hormones to make them work for you 

Step 5: Exercise – the most misunderstood tool

In the 10 min video below find out:

What is 180 minus your age?….. I will share what this means in the vid
This video will explain why you plateau with exercise – the body adapts and how you can speed up your metabolism, burn fat and tone.
Understand the different energy systems and which ones you can use to change how your body looks and feels.

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Step 6: Beliefs, habits and addictions altering nervous system, hormones and metabolism

In the 10 min video below find out:

Why this is a must-see for everyone!
Especially busy women on the go, if you feel uncomfortable doing nothing, put everyone else first, fat storage around tummy, do everything right still feel tired, can’t sleep, digestive or reproductive issues, – feel trapped in a cycle of not knowing what’s wrong but also not having the time or space to help yourself.
How you can literally turn on organs and systems back on, switch to healing/fat burning nervous system, fall asleep,, fat loss, energy, whole healing, bounce out of bed in the morning
Uncover beliefs, habits and addictions that we think are helping but are actually shifting our hormones, our metabolism and nervous system, limiting our potential bypasses 1000% more energy ass well as how to step into a new rhelm that offers us grace, more energy, more time, and more freedom 

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Step 7: Eliminating Cravings and Emotional Eating

In the 10 min video below find out:

This is powerful insight for everyone especially if you feel like your emotions are up and down, like food controls you, if you have cravings you don’t understand and like you are not in control.
You will learn how to eliminate cravings, physically, mentally and emotionally so you are 100% in control.
You will uncover the hormones that contribute to your cravings and the lifestyle habits.
You will dive into some of your shadows to reclaim your power back and take ownership over your food, habits and life.


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