Intro To Feminine Cycles

Through my 20’s I spent 90% of my time in masculine energy, give,give give, hustle, deadlines, stress, exhaustion, burn out, diet, binge, crash.

I actually never saw any cycles, I didn’t even honour my menstrual cycle let alone any other internal or external ebbs and flows.
I didn’t have balance and I didn’t listen.And then I broke,
my body started failing me.
I hadn’t seen the subtle warning signs, heck I didn’t even see the obvious warning signs.
And gosh even if I had, I wasn’t ready to do anything about it.

I started my 30’s with much the same pattern.
I was a mum by then so it wasn’t the same corporate grind.
But it was the grind.

To do lists, not being good enough, give, give, give, stress, exhaustion, diet, binge, crash.

It didn’t matter what was happening in life,
I was addicted to busyness, to order, to certainty, to being in control,
and when I wasn’t, I swung into the opposite,

Over the past 12 months, I started to see patterns, not just in myself but in clients.

PUTTING EVERYONE ELSE FIRST, needing to have a plan to follow, overweight, sleepless and exhausted from stress/worry or busyness, needing to be in control, scared of failure, ashamed to be imperfect.

As these patterns emerged so did the cycles, the obvious

ebbs and flows of a woman, a gentle tide of change rather than a stagnant structure.

A flow from one phase to the next, a sequence, a structure within ocean of ease and grace.

While there is much cycles within cycles, four evident cycles emerged They tied into menstrual cycles, they tied into hormones, they tied into the moon, they tide into the subtle flow we choose to disconnect from.They surfaced as the not so secret art and science of energy and healing through feminine cycles.

—– One  Intention —–

In the initial stage something DISRUPTS our life pattern, we can no longer continue life as it is. This can come around the time of bleeding, a deeply internal shift, cleanse, heightened INTUITION to the truth. Or it could be a health scare that shifts life into a different PERSPECTIVE, or simply a moment of having had enough.
Regardless, IT IS TIME.

It is time for change, a new focus, INTENTION, it is a time of RE-CONNECTION to the body, mind and soul to understand your true PURPOSE.

Its a time of dreaming, MANIFESTING magic.

It is a time of winter, the new moon, a new dawn.
This can be a DARK time, an alone time, but from the shadows is the birth of something magnificent.
Be still, rest, sleep, LISTEN, be vulnerable.

—– Two Aligned Action —–

From clarity and connection, purposeful action arises as the second phase.
It may be the menstrual cycle finishing and new energy emerging.

It is spring, the first quarter moon, youth, midday.
A fresh perspective, renewed purpose that can only be manifested through ALIGNED ACTION. New seeds must be planted, DECISION must be made, challenges will arise, and COMMITMENT will be tested.

This is no longer a time for hustle but CONSCIOUS ACTION.

Action that is not wasted in the trivial, the mundane tasks that do not serve your body, mind and soul. It is action that propels you forward with PASSION and with PURPOSE. It is a time to step up and show your commitment to yourself, your family,, God, the universe, the world.

—– Three  Illumination and Shadows —–

In the peak of action and energy the third stage breaks through. It comes in the form of illumination, CLARITY in your path. This may come around time of ovulation, full of energy, feeling SEXY and SOCIAL. It can be a time of CELEBRATION and fun. With the LIGHT on your path, you will not only see if you are on track you will see some doubts and fears, UNCONSCIOUS patterns that have been holding you back. SHADOWS become obvious but they will also EMPOWER you to RELEASE that which is no longer serving you.

It is summer, full moon, maturity, sunset.

While it can be an emotionally volatile time but having the courage to face your fears and release them will allow for effortless FLOW and energy in times of inaction.

—– Four  Abundant Giving ——

With all balance there is POLARITY, and so the final stage is about giving back. Having an open heart and mind to receive intuition and energy in the initial stages has fueled passion and purposeful action that has manifested miraculous results.
Now, is the time to shift into GRATITUDE, SHARING, GIVING.

It is a time of autumn, third quarter moon, old age, nighttime.

Instead of investing four quarters of the time in giving mode, having a time and place for giving allows for sharing from an OVERFLOWING CUP.

You have put yourself first, listening to your needs, taking action and receiving the rewards.

Now and only now are your in a magical place of ABUNDANCE that you can SHARE your knowledge, your lessons, your time and your energy.

With ease, grace and abundance.


Sending you love and peace that flows with ease and grace, with a balance of intention, purposeful action, illumination and giving only from a place of abundance.

Life can be easy