New Moon – Intuitive Winter Cycle

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—– OneIntention —–

In the initial stage something DISRUPTS our life pattern, we can no longer continue life as it is. This can come around the time of bleeding, a deeply internal shift, cleanse, heightened INTUITION to the truth. Or it could be a health scare that shifts life into a different PERSPECTIVE, or simply a moment of having had enough.
Regardless, IT IS TIME.

It is time for change, a new focus, INTENTION, it is a time of RE-CONNECTION to the body, mind and soul to understand your true PURPOSE.

Its a time of dreaming, MANIFESTING magic.

It is a time of winter, the new moon, a new dawn.
This can be a DARK time, an alone time, but from the shadows is the birth of something magnificent.
Be still, rest, sleep, LISTEN, be vulnerable.